Development Advisory

Around the world, governments are leveraging Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools to drive accelerated and sustainable development, efficiency and transparency, continuously available government services and improved citizen satisfaction.

ICT development – both as a transformation vehicle and an industry – is accorded top priority by most governments at all levels – federal, state and local. Development consultants have further affirmed that the growth and development of ICT sector will assist governments to bridge the digital divide, build information and knowledge societies and become globally competitive. Much effort has therefore been made globally to promote strategies for the Development of ICT in emerging economies. And the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) guidelines offers a globally-accepted template that guide governments desiring to embark on this journey.

As part of our Development Advisory Consultancy, we work with governments to develop ICT for Development (ICT4D) frameworks in line with UN WSIS guidelines and also address how governments can exploit and tap into the benefits of the information revolution (through projects, programmes, initiatives and interventions, etc) to facilitate wealth creation, poverty reduction, employment generation, wealth redistribution, sustainable development and global competitiveness through the exploitation, development and deployment of ICTs within the society and the economy.


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