Big Data Analytics

Governments, businesses and organizations are constantly generating tons of information on a daily basis. These come from structured data like databases as well as unstructured data sources like social network posts, e-mails, machine-generated data, etc – which typically, account for 90% of all data..and still growing at an average of 62% CAGR.

Traditional methods of analyzing data therefore cannot be used for collecting, organizing and analyzing large sets of data to discover patterns and extract vital information needed to stay ahead of the competition.

Our Big Data Analytics solution provides a scalable repository to aggregate all data sources, correlate information and support critical decisions under strict security condition. Its data-enabled search engine is built for the enterprise and government. It acts as a central repository for all data assets of an organization. Its scalable storage engine based on NoSQL technology can leverage a redundant array of inexpensive servers to achieve virtually infinite data processing capacity.

Our Search big data intelligence unique pattern-matching technology understands the meaning of all enterprise information regardless of format, language, location, subject or quantity and detects patterns, emotions, sentiments, intent, risks, and preferences as they happen. Its open architecture can support today’s and tomorrow’s state-of-the-art big data analytics. It can aggregate more than 100 content formats including text, tables, presentations, pictures, video, etc from external sources of information such as public clouds, social networks, RSS feeds, e-mail, Dropbox, etc.

A single view into all content allows highly complex analytics to be performed seamlessly across a variety of data types, repositories, and communication channels to dramatically increase the value an organization can derive from its information.


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