Open Source ERP, CRM and E-commerce Solutions


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology and business solutions enable governments, businesses and organizations to work smarter.

However, choosing the right solution set that fits within the budget is a rather difficult task. We assist clients by offering industry’s full complement of solutions and services for connecting organizations and businesses through Internet computing, which delivers full functionality that powers today’s high-performance e-businesses. This results in a more integrated and easily supported Financial Management, Procurement, Supply Chain, Human Resource and Customer Relationship Management applications, aligned with customer’s immediate and future needs.

The applications are built on open standards, flexible and modular, and can support phased implementation approach. Through standard and open APIs, applications modules can easily interface with other applications.

Our open source enterprise solutions are fully mobile and web-enabled and utilize embedded workflows, enabling documents and transactions to be routed to appropriate users quickly and securely, reducing processing time and lowering costs. Our applications suite based on Unified Business Model (UBM), providing complete functional coverage for industry, commerce, banking, health and public administration

Its rapid deployment lead time of just two months stands it out from the rest of the pack, as compared with other enterprise software implementation delays of between six to twelve months.

It also offers competitive total cost of ownership (TCO) as compared with other proprietary enterprise software solutions.


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