Decentralized Cloud Computing

Coronavirus was a litmus test for the enterprise Information Technology (IT) – the people, process and technology aligned to meet the demands of businesses and organizations.  As the pandemic struck, strict health protocols and movement restrictions were abruptly enforced to curb the community spread of the virus. Businesses and organizations were faced with the challenges of protecting their workforce from the infection while maintaining critical operations and preventing disruption of services to customers. Lockdown happened and work from home (WFH) became the norm.

The critical role of enterprise IT in ensuring business continuity with no service degradation in the face of a sudden catastrophe cannot be over-emphasized. They allow business domains, departments, and units to streamline business processes, collaborate, communicate, share information, process data, and synchronize efforts seamlessly.

Cloud computing (or moving critical IT tools, data, services and applications, etc to remote servers) offers better information flow, economics, agility, scalability, reliability and increased quality of service as compared with on-premise IT.

Over the years, evolutions in cloud technology have given rise to a distributed cloud architecture – the deployment of IT functions (compute, storage, network, applications, etc) over multiple locations, each being a ‘data centre’. Cloud decentralization technology has caused a seismic shift in the way services are extended to remote locations, especially where there is limited or no connectivity.

Decentralization can utilize the edge computing topology to process time-sensitive and non-time sensitive data, save bandwidth costs, lower latency, and improve quality of experience – a foundation for delivery of 5G and IoT enterprise services.

Our resilient cloud solution is built on a distributed, platform-agnostic cloud operating system (CloudOS) that automates the build, provisioning, orchestration, configuration, monitoring, operation, backup, recovery and billing of any service on any platform. It implements converged infrastructure under the new paradigm that “everything is a service.”

Leverage our low cost, superior performance distributed cloud solution to fast track the deployment of highly resilient carrier-neutral, vendor-neutral public, private, community or hybrid clouds using entry-level servers.

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