Decentralized Cloud Computing

All clouds are not built the same way: some are less cumbersome to design, more cost effective to deploy and easy to build, provision and manage.

Decentralized resilient cloud computing technology eliminates the need for building large data centres. It can aggregate computing resources present in entry level servers (small data centres) deployed at multiple sites – and consolidate them as if they were a single resource. Our innovative decentralized cloud technology can be used to build a highly resilient carrier-neutral, vendor-neutral data centre with a fast deployment lead time and minimal infrastructure purchases of hardware and software – as compared with building conventional data centres.

Cloud decentralization can help drive cost savings, increase scalability and the ability to better utilize existing infrastructure. Decentralization can deliver low latency and improved user experience for organizations with multiple locations, for example telcos, banks and post offices.

Decentralized cloud technology can automate the build, provisioning, orchestration, configuration, monitoring, operation, backup, recovery and billing of any service on any platform. It implements converged infrastructure under the new paradigm that “everything is a service.” It simplifies the implementation of cloud computing with common off-the-shelf (COTS) software components instead of half a dozen or more for traditional approaches.

Decentralized cloud can be used to achieve a true peer-to-peer network. It can be utilized in delivering unprecedented high definition television service even over bad network quality, or building a voice and video communications system without deploying a massive centralized infrastructure.


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